Monday, November 20, 2006

Magnetic Sponsoring - Internet Marketing Tool

Internet Marketing Tool

Hi fellow internet markerters,

Are you running after your friends, relatives, associates and you find that they are keeping away from you?

Why shouldn't they, you are literary hoping to show them something which you feel will benefit them but they are not interested.

Wait a minute, you not alone in this repelling situation of prospects. Chasing after prospect is a sure way to kill you.


Are you spending good money to buy prospect list. STOP!!! Do not waste your money…….. Find out how Mike Dillard overcame this challenge and emerged as a great winner

Mike Dillard, once a waiter who was drowning himself in prospecting without much success, until this genius came up with a brilliant idea, Yes a brilliant idea where he stopped chasing after his prospect and start attracting them towards him just like a powerful magnet. He rightfully named it as the "MAGNET SPONSORING"

Find out how Mike Dillard attracted prospect to him. Understand the principles how he became a millionaire from a waiter.

Mike Dillard has designed a 10 days boot camp to share his unique and successful ideas. Completing this boot camp will enrich you with a success mindset. Click the link below to get Mike Dillard's brief of his "Magnetic Sponsoring"

Have a great time with Mike Dillard's Boot Camp


Remember, when your doctor prescribe you with an anti-biotic, your doctor will advise your to complete the course to receive the full effect of the anti-biotic. Likewise, for you to get the full value of the boot camp, if you complete this interesting and enriching boot camp

Internet Marketing Tool

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blogs Changing to Blogger in Beta

Hi partners,

Did you know that Blogger is being updated to beta version.

The new features.......Some of the sub headings that you can find in this new features are:

What's new in Blogger?
They have been hard at work at Blogger headquarters and they are sharing the new features and goodies that they have been creating. Find what they are by clicking New Feartures

Can I edit the HTML of my blog's layout?
Blogger's Layouts feature makes it easy for anyone to customize the look of their blog with little or no technical knowledge. If you're the sort of person who really likes working directly with the code, though, that's fine, too. Just go to the Template tab and click on the Edit HTML sub-tab.

All in all there about 22 sub titles that you can look into and get a better vision of the new beta version

I love to have your comments please.

Thank you


Friday, November 17, 2006

Using Blogging as a tool for your Internet Biz.

Improve Your Blogging

Like in all business, we would put in a lot off effort in positioning our products or services in an advantage position to attract great volume of income. Likewise it will not be different for Internet Marketing.

For Internet Marketing, blogging is a very important tool in conducting an Internet Business. It is an in-thing. So let us use Blogging to sky rocket our business.

Blogging helps our website to improve our ranking in search engines. One important thing that I will religiously do is to constantly update and increase the contents in my blog. Each article will contain about 350 to 400 words.

Blog is free and easy to set up as compared to your run-of-the-mill web site, thanks to Blogger.

Blogging is another way of getting traffic to your website, when you blog it is important to make it count. Create a link back to your site with you chosen keyword. An example is if your chosen keyword was say “Dogs Training” then you would hyperlink that word with your website address.

Updating or including contents will not be adequate; we must do an important follow up, "PING" our update.

By pining our blog it sure helps our blog to be attracted by the goggle spider far faster and quicker. So never forget to ping your blog every time you update or include new contents.
Blogging is a great customer service tool. It is an inexpensive and a quicker way to reach out to potential customers as well as maintaining current ones.

Another very important clue, adding or updating contents and ping is not adequate to attract the spider to your blog. You need to do some changes to your “SETTING” in the blog to further enhance your ranking.

In the setting tab you will need to change 5 of the 8 tabs. The tabs that are required to be changed are 1. Publishing 2. Formatting 3. Comments 4. Archiving and 5. Site Feed.

You can even use your blog as a tool for Question And Answer platform. Your customers can post all their queries and doubts and you can effectively come up with the answers and information they require. When customers need to make crucial decisions, it is vital to have all the information on hand. This also create and strong bonding with your clients and keeping the within reach.With all these positive aspects of blogging as a radical means of internet marketing, it seems foolhardy, even suicidal for business owners to NOT go ahead and create their own blog. Refusing to go with the tide is risking being left far behind the competition and losing great business opportunity and income.

You can get your FREE articles on "Using Blogging as a tool for your Internet Biz." at



Improve Your Blogging

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Using Blogging as a tool for your Internet Biz.

Improve Your Blogging

Hi Blogger,

I am Darma, I started this blog, "Improve Your Blogging" to share my knowledge on how to improve our URL page ranking using blogs.

Apart from this, whenever I come across interesting article, Internet Marketing Tool, Intenet Marketing Strategic, I will be posting them on the site or on the "Links".

I will highly appreciate if readers could post comments to help me to add value to this blog.

My email address will be



Improve Your Blogging